Pastor John S. Pyles

John S Pyles, Sr. is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Tabernacle of Praise Family Worship Center in Houston, TX. Pyles, the youngest of three children, was raised in Cotton Valley, Louisiana.  After graduating from Cotton Valley High school, he went on to receive his B.S. degree from Grambling State University. While attending Grambling, he was led to and began his work in the ministry.  He graduated with a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and went on to serve eight years in the United States Air Force as an aviator, while reaching the rank of Captain. He later received a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in the Biblical languages from B.H. Carroll Theological Seminary.


The month of June holds many significant crossroads for John Pyles. He married his wife on June 6, 1987.  He and Cheryl A. Rideaux have three children, sons Tavares, John Jr., daughter Maryjah and grandson, Bryson.


Pastor Pyles began delivering God’s word in June 1983, and in 1998, he received a vision from the Lord, which inspired and directed him to found and organize The Tabernacle of Praise Family Worship Center. Tabernacle has grown from 18 members to greater than 1600 members since its inception in a former auto parts building.  In 2004, Pastor Pyles committed himself to empowering the people of God with the Word by founding J.S. Pyles Ministries.  He has since enlarged his preaching and teaching ministry with various ministerial series, bringing great revelation and freedom to God’s people.  J.S. Pyles Ministries is committed to Enlightening people to the Word of God, Empowering them with the Word, and allowing them the opportunity to share their Excitement about the Word. The mission of J.S. Pyles Ministry, is to develop a ministry that will “affect a positive change in the lives of people.”


Pastor Pyles has also worked as a practicing physical therapist for 22 years.  Pastor Pyles now serves as a Staff Professor at B.H. Carroll Theological Institute.  March 2007, Mr. Pyles founded, organized and serves as CEO for King’s Kidz Kare, a pediatric physical therapy home health company specializing in the treatment of children ages 1 month to 18 years old with congenital, gross motor or developmental delays.

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